tvline first look

TVLine’s first look at Haven Season 5b

When Season 5 resumes this fall, with the episode “New World Order,” “The tsunami of Troubles brought by Duke has Haven-ites locked down for their own safety,” showrunner Matt McGuinness tells TVLine. “Fortunately, Audrey and Nathan (Lucas Bryant) are locked down together, which is nice for them.”


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Lucas Bryant responds to questions from syfy brasil

Finally something of an interview or a fan q & a of one of the main Haven cast members were released. Lucas Bryant answered two fan questions that showed up on syfy brasil youtube channel.

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Possible summer movie

Looks like Emily Rose (Audrey Parker) and Lucas Bryant (Nathan Wuornos) has worked on a Summer movie called Secret Summer, There isnt much info about the movie as of yet but there has been photos of them being on set.

Sorry for not posting anything in a while. There just hasnt been enough info about the shows return to syfy. The cast seems to be doing independant stuff that hasnt been released.

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thewrap talks with Emily

“I feel like we need a support group to talk about all our multiple personalities,” the actress jokes to TheWrap about “Orphan Black’s” Tatiana Maslany
Syfy’s “Haven” pulled off a twist no one saw coming when it separated its leading lady into two distinct — but identical — characters.

Series star Emily Rose, who now plays both Audrey Parker and her evil counterpart Mara, told TheWrap that she’s glad she gets to keep both personalities for the foreseeable future.

“I was a little scared to let Mara go,” Rose said. “Fortunately, I didn’t have to do that.”
Mara and Audrey are now running around Haven, Maine, at the same time, though Audrey has a little more freedom, while her new twin sis is locked up in the cargo hold of Duke’s (Eric Balfour) boat.
It’s been a few years now since Audrey Parker was just Audrey, without any other personalities or memories plaguing her perpetual identity crisis.

“I had to re-familiarze myself with who Audrey really was and the strong aspects of her character,” Rose explained. “Mara is such a force to be reckoned with that I didn’t want Audrey to come off as weaker, or as somebody who wasn’t as sassy — because that’s something we’ve always admired about her, too. I approached it like, Audrey’s a little more pared down, a little more simple. Audrey really has a hold of Haven and knows what’s going on there so it was making sure she wasn’t afraid and always knew what she had to do. Always on a mission.”

But she does make a little time to reconnect with Nathan (Lucas Bryant), who’s now dealing with not being able to feel Audrey’s touch anymore since the split. After four-plus seasons of being separated, Rose promises the partners will be partners again from now on.

“It’s a new Haven where you see these two people facing everything very much together,” she said. “They are one of my favorite things about the latter part of this season. The first seasons were sort of this cat-and-mouse of them discovering how they feel about each other, how they operate, working together as a partnership. Then she disappears and there’s fighting to get her back and fighting for love and all that. And now they’re back. They’re somewhat clear on the realities of the place that they live in and what they’re dealing with, and how they choose to move forward and love each other through these things is very sweet.”
Meanwhile, though Mara and Audrey have yet to come face to face, it should only be a matter of time before Rose is tasked with acting opposite herself, which is yet another new challenge for the actress who’s played various characters over the show’s five seasons.

It brings the show into “Orphan Black” territory for the first time, though Rose believes there have been similarities between the two shows from the beginning, and between her and that show’s star Tatiana Maslany.
“In a lot of respects, I feel like we don’t have the stage that ‘Orphan Black’ has or the forefrontness of their show,” Rose said. “But I feel like the premise of our show has been similar and we’ve been doing it for a long time, and I’ve been this person playing all these different characters. I don’t think our producers set out to find an actress who would do that right off the bat, like ‘Orphan Black.’ It’s built into the premise of the show, but how full-blown we went with it has really been a mutual discovery between all of us.”
Rose hasn’t met Maslany, though the various clones and multiple identical characters on “Haven” and “Orphan Black” were shaped by the same makeup artist: Stephen Lynch. He did “Haven” for three seasons before moving on to help launch BBC America’s popular clone drama.

“In a way, I feel very close to ‘Orphan Black’ since I got to work with a piece of that puzzle,” Rose said. “I’m totally excited for Tatiana and all that she gets to do. It’s an actor’s dream to get this all-you-can-eat-buffet of all these characters and for producers not to pigeon-hole you into one character.”
As for how exactly she’s now more than one character, it’s still a mystery. Even the characters were perplexed by how exactly Mara and Audrey split into two bodies, but Rose promises answers soon.
“Very, very soon. I would say in the next few episodes,” she predicted. “Mara has been in charge for so long, and Audrey is just as keen for answers, just as curious [as the audience]. That’s one of the things I’ve loved about playing her, the audience sees a lot of what’s going on through her eyes. So all of our grappling, all of our longing for her to come back and for answers, all of those things are what Audrey is going through too.”


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season 5 gag reel

Not sure if anyone has seen the Gag Reel that was posted of the first half of the season but if you havent take a look.

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Site problems

Working on a server problem with the site which is why I am posting this in my phi e at the moment… For some reason I can’t access the site on my Computer and I am working on fixing it so if people can or can’t see this don’t think the site is deleted it’s just having some server issues and so are some sites.

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Gallery update

Hi everyone! sorry the site hasnt been as up to date as usual, But I did work on updating the episode stills for season 5 and will add screen caps when I get the chance since it takes time for them and there are plenty of other screen cap sites that cap the High Quality versions of the episodes but for now it will be episode stills and in time the screen caps.

Please dont forget to watch the 2nd half of the 13 episodes aka Season 6 since season 5 was split into two parts so next season will be and hopefully not the last as long as we watch live and tweet like the troubled fans of haven that we are hopefully we can keep Haven going for as long as Syfy will renew the show so we can see more of Emily, Lucas and Eric and the rest of the cast.

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Eric Balfour reminding you to watch Haven new night and episode TONIGHT

Adamn Copeland reminding you to watch Haven new night and episode TONIGHT

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HAVEN Scoop: Lucas Bryant and Emily Rose Tease Season 5, New Troubles and Mara

Viewers only caught a brief glimpse of Audrey Parker’s alter ego Mara in the Season 4 finale. But at the time, it was enough to send shivers down fans’ spines. Season 5 brings Mara to the forefront of HAVEN and the majority of the season will deal with the quest to get Audrey (Emily Rose) back, even though she is right there with them – just trapped in the body of Mara.

In a recent press conference call, stars Emily Rose and Lucas Bryant candidly shared what it is like filming two episodes at a time for the extended 26-episode Season 5, carefully and playfully teased whether there might be something going on between Nathan (Lucas Bryant) and Mara (Emily Rose), and gave props to the HAVEN fans for steadfastly standing by the show and venturing out to the remote coast of Nova Scotia from the four corners of the globe just to visit the set of where HAVEN films.

What were you expecting for HAVEN Season 5 since last season ended on such a big cliffhanger?
LUCAS: I don’t think that I had any idea how this season was going to go.
EMILY: I had no hope for this season. I had no clue cause we ended in that cave.
LUCAS: Not as in a “no hope” sense, but like it’s hopeless. We just had no idea of where we were going or what we were going to do. In some ways, I think it kind of developed as it went. There is a larger idea for this double-season that we’re shooting right now, but I think some specifics were changed along the way because of what was happening during [filming] and what people were reacting to on screen. Personally, I guess what I knew coming into this season was that we would be [filming] double episode blocks. That was exciting in that it promised instead of having to deal with the Troubles quickly and succinctly every week, we had more time to explore the effect that those Troubles would have on our characters.
EMILY: It is a 13-episode arc.
LUCAS: And that gave us a longer storytelling format. That’s been pleasant.
EMILY: It was nice to take a breather and not necessarily have everything wrapped up so quickly. It did get very confusing in the preparation of it because you have two episodes in your head that you are currently shooting while you’re prepping for the next two coming up. In a way — while confusing — it was nice because you did know big chunks of the season; at any given point, you knew what was happening for four episodes, so you could make a longer arc, or know more fully where you were and where you were going. We haven’t had that advantage in past seasons. In terms of what I was hoping for, I really had no clue. I knew only from the last sentence that I said in the cave as Mara last year. I didn’t know that she was going to be such a big main character of this year. I’m glad she is. That was a pleasant surprise, really enjoyable and a cool challenge. It’s interesting to come back every year with some of the people coming back as the same people. They know these characters backwards and forwards, up and down. But having to come back and not play Audrey Parker and play a totally different entity — a different person, a different personality — was like getting to know someone new all over again. To have those early conversations with the showrunners and writers about what we all felt like Mara would do and how she would act, it was like giving birth to a new character and that is always a new adventure. It was a real gift and I really appreciate them giving her to me.

With the double-episode shooting format, does that mean that the “Trouble of the Week” story will also span 2 episodes?
EMILY: Pretty much.
LUCAS: It has kind of worked out that way. Sometimes there are multiple Troubles or situations that are spun out over the 2 episodes. It seems like in order to shoot 26-episodes this season that it was the smartest way to get it done. A happy accident, if you will — well, not necessarily an accident – and a nice product of having to do it that way has been what we’ve gotten to do storytelling-wise. There is a lot more character interaction and time to really see how these things affect these characters. The part that I enjoy is getting that time to not just have to run from one fire to another, but to get to rest a bit and learn more about where we came from, where we’re going and why.
EMILY: The other cool thing is it offers a big reason for viewers to come back each week and watch what’s going to be happening. It links 2 episodes together. Before there was an underlying mythology, but now you add the Trouble as a cliffhanger as well. It really ups the stakes for the “I want to be sure that I come back and watch it live,” so that the ratings are awesome every Thursday night.
LUCAS: It has been a series of cliffhangers, hasn’t it?
LUCAS: I guess this season in general, more than the others — well, is it possible that it’s even more than the others — it has been one continuous –
EMILY: Cliffhanger.
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