Emily recurring on USA 2nd season of Graceland

Haven star Emily Rose has landed another meaty gig.

The actress, who toplines the recently renewed Syfy drama, has been cast in a recurring role on the sophomore season of USA’s Graceland, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.
Both series operate under the NBCUniversal umbrella.
Rose will play Jessica Foster, one of Mike’s (Aaron Tveit) superiors in Washington, D.C., but also his ally. Although she comes off as a strong-willed bureaucrat, she plays fast and loose with the rules when she wants to.

Source: THR

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February 13, 2014 by adminemily rose


There’s no real confirmation from the network yet but Lucas, Emily and Eric have tweeted news of 26 eps and possible season 5 and 6 since its usually 13 episode per season.


via syfy executive:

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January 29, 2014 by adminemily rose, eric balfour, lucas bryant, news

Lucas Bryant on Twitter

Be sure to Follow Lucas Bryant aka Nathan Wuornous akak #hisfacethough on twitter via @TheLucasBryant.


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December 07, 2013 by adminlucas bryant

Live Stream event for the part 1 finale tonight

Looks as though there is going to be a live stream with the cast. Its not listed as to who would be there to live chat but if you follow Twitter you might be able to ask them questions along with seeing your answers live.

Join the cast of Haven — with a surprise guest — for a live discussion of Season 4 directly following the airing of “When the Bough Breaks” on Syfy. During the stream, viewers can interact live with cast via Twitter using the #DiscoverHaven hashtag. Tune in to watch the episode live so you won’t be spoiled. See you there!

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December 07, 2013 by adminAdam Copeland, Colin Ferguson, emily rose, eric balfour, lucas bryant, news


Twitter hashtag campaign to renew haven for a 5th season, join in this friday as you watch live and if you have twitter get on there and start tweeting with the hashtags of #DISCOVERHAVEN AND #RENEWHAVEN, lets get the ball rolling. If you dont have twitter but want to help spread the word and you have a tumblr theres ia post floating around like the one you see below to reblog all yo have to do is look in the havensyfy tag in tumblr and search for the campaign thats floating around or follow Officerparker or follow the Discoverhaven blog and spread the word for everyone to watch this fridays new haven episode.


Renew Haven Hashtag Campaign | #renewHaven

So here it is again! The last campaign was so successful that we decided to do it again for an even bigger cause! This time we’ll be trending #RenewHaven to give the Syfy bosses a shove in the right direction. If they need fan response, then they’ll get fan response!

We managed to trend #pancakes nationally for several minutes more than once. Now it’s a common goal for all of us, no matter who we ship, so you should ALL join to help ensure a 5th season.

Please, reblog and spread the news. Make your own art if you want. Participate somehow! We’ll only be able to do it with team effort!

via officerparker on tumblr

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November 04, 2013 by adminemily rose, eric balfour, lucas bryant, news

Emily hallmark movie

This Saturday Emily Rose who plays the lovely Audrey Parker will be on Hallmark Channel for their holiday movie line up, She will be in the Movie called The Thanksgiving House, Its a bit early for that but seems Hallmark has decided to air it early.Staring along side Emily is Justin Bruening, Bruce Boxleitner, Lindsay Wagner, Adam Kaufman and Cerina Vincent.


When Boston lawyer Mary Ross (Emily Rose) inherits a house in Plymouth from her late aunt, she has no idea she may have inherited a historical treasure. Mary’s initial desire to sell the house is supported by her slick boyfriend, Rick (Adam Kaufman), but she is shocked to discover local historian Everett Mather (Justin Bruening) has evidence that her house is located on the site of the first Thanksgiving! With the house turning into an unexpected tourist attraction, putting Mary in the media spotlight at the prying of unscrupulous gossip blogger Ashleigh Mulligan (Cerina Vincent), Everett tries to prove his theory and Mary tries to prove anything that will keep the house in her hands. Suddenly, Mary clings to the house as an artifact of her own history before her happy childhood memories were tarnished by her father’s abandonment.

Ultimately, Mary must decide if it is more important to preserve the house’s historical ties or make it the site of many happy Thanksgivings to come. What will she choose?

You can catch the movie this sat(Nov 02) 8/7c on the Hallmark Movie Channel

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November 01, 2013 by adminemily rose

Vote for Haven

Here are two vids that Emily, Lucas and Eric shared on youtube to VOTE for HAVEN for the Peoples Choice AWards for Faorite Syfy show…..Spread the word everyone who is a fan…..

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October 28, 2013 by adminemily rose, eric balfour, lucas bryant

Peoples Choice Awards time to vote HAVEN

Come on all you Havenites/Troublers the show could really use the push to be recognized for their 4 years of great work and I know that there are alot of you out there that will nominate the cast in each categories that they belong in. Even Eric (Balfour) Aka Duke Crocker is askin everyone to please nominate and spread the Haven love on Twitter:


First off, I just want to say thank you for being the most amazing fans in the world and supporting our show in amazing ways that always surprise me. I believe all of your energy and enthusiasm have almost guaranteed Syfy to renew Haven for a 5th season but I don’t want to to leave anything to chance. I also believe that if this coming Friday’s episode does as well as the last few episodes have performed in the ratings then we will cross the finish line on getting that 5th season. This is where WE NEED YOUR HELP. Starting this week more new shows and more competition for our viewers start appearing on other networks and while those shows can survive losing a few viewers here and there, Haven cannot. As you have seen with other shows, Syfy isn’t always the most loyal network and mostly because they can’t afford to be. This is why we need to do everything we can this week to rally our amazing haven family to WATCH LIVE, tweet, encourage others to join, and spread so much HAVEN LOVE that it infiltrates every corner of the universe. I know we can do this because I know how amazing the Haven family is! We need to be creative and keep this going all week! We need to make sure EVERYONE knows how important this next episodes ratings are. Also it just so happens to be another enormously epic insane episode! Duke is going to face his greatest challenge and have to make the hardest decision he’s ever made! SO SPREAD THIS MESSAGE and make sure that everyone you know tunes in this week, sets their DVR’s, tweets #DiscoverHaven, and helps guarantee a 5th season of #Haven

Thank you!


The nominations can be written in as well so you can choose up to total of five for each category,
-Favorite On Screen Chemistry – can be
-Nathan and Audrey (Haven)
-Duke and Audrey (Haven)

-Favorite Sci-fi Fantasy TV Show

-Favorite Sci-fi Fantasy TV Star – can be either
-Emily Rose (Haven)
-Lucas Bryant (Haven)
-Eric Balfour (Haven)
-Kate Kelton (Haven)
-Adam Copeland (Haven)

-Favorite TV Bromance
-Duke and Nathan (Haven)
-Dwight and Nathan (Haven)

To Vote all you have to do is click this link – PCA Nominate and also fill out the other ballots in the movie and music category and spread the word. Lets get the cast on the ballots for the final round and keep voting each day for Haven and spread the word.

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October 25, 2013 by adminAdam Copeland, emily rose, eric balfour, lucas bryant, news

full episode titles released

Fallout Sept 13, 2013
Survivors Sept 20, 2013
Bad Blood Sept 27, 2013
Lost & Found Oct 4, 2013
The New Girls Oct 11, 2013
Countdown Oct 18, 2013
Lay Me Down Oct 25, 2013
Crush Nov 1, 2013
William Nov 8, 2013
The Trouble with Troubles Nov 15, 2013
Monster’s Ball Nov 22, 2013
(Unreleased Mystery Title) TBA
The Lighthouse TBA

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October 11, 2013 by adminnews

Cast of Haven at NYCC today

The cast will be appearing today at the New York Comic Con at 5pm on the Empire Stage 1-E.


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October 10, 2013 by adminnews